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Love Stories — Ailyn and Elise

Love Stories — Ailyn and Elise

Ailyn & Elise's Love Story  ❤️

In the midst of a world plunged into chaos by a global pandemic, a love story emerged, transcending the boundaries of isolation and uncertainty. Two souls, Ailyn and Elise, found each other during what was possibly the most challenging time to make connections. Read the heartwarming tale of how Ailyn and Elise met and how they knew they'd found their forever...


When and how did you meet one another?

We met two years ago on a dating app called 'Her' in between lockdown 2 and 3, and decided to go for a drink in Brunswick. It was still at the time of mandatory mask wearing, so as you can imagine the first meeting was a little fumbly. But it didn’t take long to become comfortable in each other’s company.


When did you know you had found your special person?


I think it was from many moments throughout our relationship that made me know Elise was my special person. Like the way she understood how important my culture is to me. But, mostly it’s when I knew she loved my dog just as much as I do.


I knew Ailyn was the one during an early weekend away to Daylesford. We happened to come across one of Ailyn’s former patients who was over the moon to see her, and was extraordinarily moved by the care Ailyn had provided that changed their life trajectory. It was a beautiful moment as our paths crossed that gave me a small insight into the way she changes lives.

How did the proposal go down?

I took Elise out for Friday night drinks at the wine bar where we had our first kiss. In the meantime, I had my sisters sneak into our house and decorate the place with super cheesy decorations. When we arrived back home, Elise opened the door to fake tea candles leading her into our lounge room that was sprinkled in rose petals and rainbow streamers. The perfect setting to profess my love 💕

Can you share some words on your Black Finch experience? 

Everyone at Black Finch was so sweet and welcoming. Paris was so helpful and made us feel comfortable taking our time to try on different rings. All of their advice was so invaluable and helped us make our decision so much easier.

The ring above is Elise's stunning Ayla Diamond engagement ring.

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