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Custom FAQ

Custom Design Consultations are available in our Collingwood store, online or over the phone. Consultations run for 45 minutes and are available by appointment only.

You can book a Custom Design Consultation here

For information about what to expect at your Custom Design Consultation please see our Custom Process page.

The production timeline for Black Finch Custom designs is typically 8 weeks from initial deposit payment. In special circumstances pieces can be produced in a shorter time frame but this is assessed on a case by case basis.

Quotes will be emailed to you after your design consultation and are valid for 10 days. Additionally, stone collections put together during your consulation will be held for you for 10 days.

Our commitment to crafting custom jewellery pieces extends beyond words. After your initial consultation, should further stone sourcing or options be required, we implement a $500 Commitment Bond. This payment not only secures your investment in the final piece but also facilitates our meticulous research, design, and material sourcing processes. By contributing upfront, you enable us to explore and procure the highest quality materials, ensuring your custom Black Finch creation is nothing short of magical.

All Black Finch Custom pieces over $4000 include a complimentary independent third-party Valuation Certificate.

This appraisal report contains all the information required to insure your Black Finch treasure.

If you require a Valuation Certificate for pieces under $4000 we can organize this for you for an additional fee of $150.

At Black Finch we stand beside the quality of all of our jewellery with our Lifetime Guarantee. We strive to do everything within our capacity to ensure you are absolutely thrilled with your Black Finch piece. We offer a lifetime guarantee on all Black Finch jewellery; ethical treasures made for generations.

We recommend you insure your piece using an independent third-party Valuation Certificate (complimentary on pieces over $4000) for cases of theft or loss.

We are lucky enough to have worked remotely with Black Finch clients across the globe. We are skilled at communicating with our clients, wherever they are located, providing a seamless design experience. Using a combination of virtual consultations, phone conversations, email and video we work with you to design and deliver your dream jewels.

We are also pleased to offer free worldwide insured shipping on all Black Finch purchases.

Please note, international packages are subject to taxes and duties upon delivery to your country. Any customs fees, taxes and duties that may be incurred to clear your item through customs are the client's responsibility. Black Finch does not cover the cost of these international taxes and duties.

We are experts in ethically sourced Australian sapphires. We value sapphires for their incredible colour range and scintillation.

With a Mohs hardness of 9/10, sapphires are second only to the diamond in their durability. This makes Australian sapphires the Black Finch engagement ring coloured stone of choice.

We have a beautiful collection of Australian, Ceylon, Madagascan and Montana sapphires and love to source the right stone for your custom design.

The selection of sapphires offers a magical array of colours from brilliant green, deep blue, orange and lilac as well as the famous Australian parti-sapphire. At Black Finch, we love coloured jewels; rare colour-change stones, bi-colour stones and unusual cuts.

For further reading about Australian sapphires have a peek here.

For information about our ethically sourced stones have a look at our Ethics page.

All diamonds supplied by Black Finch are conflict-free.

Diamonds sold in Australia are subject to the The Kimberley Process (KP). The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) safeguards on shipments of rough diamonds and certifies them as “conflict free".

We have close relationships with trusted local suppliers who are experts in the diamond market, and can supply certification on stones over a certain value. We can source certified Australian diamonds on request.

For information about our ethically sourced stones have a look at our Ethics page.

For Black Finch Custom Designs we work exclusively with 18ct gold. We do not offer custom work in silver.

For durability, colour and strength it is an ideal support to the precious stones in our designs.

Gold is available in rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. As a rule we do not rhodium plate our white gold as we prefer the natural integrity of the material, but plating can be provided on request.

We are proud to work with 100% recycled gold. To find out more have a peek at our Ethics page.

The starting budget for Black Finch Custom designs is $3700.

Custom Redesigns using existing heirloom pieces is $2,900.

We are skilled at working to your budget. Once you have given us a figure to work with we source the very best stones within your range ready for your Design Consultation.

We'd love to work with you to reimagine and redesign your existing fine jewellery. We work exclusively with heirloom diamonds, sapphires and rubies, due to their enduring material qualities. We do not reset other heirloom gems. Black Finch Custom Redesign starts at $2,900.

We do not work with outside purchased stones for our Custom Designs. One of our specialties is our incredible selection of gems and our ability to source the finest quality and rare stones for our Black Finch jewels.

We do not work with newly purchased stones supplied by our clients for our Custom Designs. One of our specialties is our incredible selection of gems and our ability to source the finest quality and rarest stones for our Black Finch designs that have the integrity required to last a lifetime.

At your personalised Design Consultation we will measure your finger to determine the best ring fit for you.

If you are designing a ring for a loved one as a sweet surprise, you may find our guide How to Determine your Ring Size helpful. If you are still unsure, not to worry! We will work with you to find the closest size estimate, and provide tailored ring resizing if necessary after the ring has been given.

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