1. Can I return my online purchase?
We offer exchange but no refunds. If the piece has been customised there is no exchange. Please see our T&C's page for a full description of our policy here.


2. Can I make changes to an existing design?
Absolutely, we can change stone type and other features, just note this will extend the delivery date and there may be further costs incurred that you will be made fully aware of before proceeding with making the piece. Email us at info@blackfinch.com.au to discuss potential adjustments to the design.


3. Can I meet in person to discuss my idea?
We love to meet with clients face-to-face and encourage a consultation as we can show you a full portfolio of designs and stones, metal colours ect. Please make an appointment here or email info@blackfinch.com.au


4. Can I incorporate my own existing jewellery into the commission?
This is managed case by case. Please bring in what you are hoping to work with and we will assess the materials as appropriate or not. 


5. How do I care for my piece?
To clean your jewellery at home, soak in warm water with mild detergent and then gently brush with a soft toothbrush. Alternatively bring your piece into the studio and we will check over all settings and clean it in the ultrasonic free of charge.


6. Can I personalise my purchase with engraving?
We are happy to arrange engraving on your piece, in the case of a ring it is best to receive it first and check that it fits as resizing could affect engraving. Please email the studio to discuss. There is no exchange on engraved pieces.


7. Do you provide an independent valuation with my piece?
A valuation can be organised at your request at $100 per certificate. All commissions and pieces above $2500 come with a free valuation on request. Please note this will extend the delivery date of your piece as it is done externally.


8. Can I commission jewellery for my insurance claim?
Yes, we are experienced at liaising with insurance companies. Please note that some companies pressure you to commission jewellery companies with whom they are affiliated, you are under no obligation to follow their directive and if you wish us to make your replacement pieces please get in touch