How to determine your ring size...

Have you found one of our beauties that is meant to be yours, but unsure of your ring size?  See below for instructions on how to easily determine your perfect fit. 

If in doubt or you have any other ring sizing questions please get in touch at and we will assist you in finding the perfect size for you or your love.

You can easily determine your own ring size with a measuring tape or a cord. To measure simply place the cord (or the measuring tape) around the finger where you want to put the ring. The ends of the cord should be marked. Use a ruler to measure the cord and determine your ring size in mm. 

If you or your special one have an existing ring that fits, you can determine ring size from this ring.  Measure the inside diameter of the ring. Make sure it is in the centre or largest area of the circle. This is the internal diameter.

Match your measurements to our chart below to find your corresponding ring size.

If you need a size not listed here, please get in touch at and we can create a custom size order for you!