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With an extensive experience spanning over 17 years in the domains of jewellery making and gemstone procurement, our Master Jeweller, Raymond de Zwart, possesses a discerning eye for identifying exceptional sapphires. Showcasing his expertise, he has curated a collection of these precious gemstones, resulting in a gem vault that we are now thrilled to unlock. As our Directors, Davina and Raymond have embarked on extensive travels across Australia and beyond, handpicking a selection of sapphires that epitomise their resplendent allure. Whether you seek the interplay of light and colour found in a hexagon cut sapphire or the remarkable depth and intensity of an emerald cut, we invite you to peruse our collection of chosen sapphires. Embark on a journey to harmonise your selected centrepiece with one of our curated styles, and allow our skilled artisans to breathe life into your piece.

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