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Ethical gold jewellery made with 100% recycled gold

Sustainability and ethics are present in every little decision we make at Black Finch. This is why we proudly design our jewellery using 100% recycled gold, supplied for us by Melbourne-based refinery Siltech. 

For millennia, humans have mined gold to create timeless ornamental objects and jewellery. This precious metal, however, is a limited resource and often mined with harmful environmental consequences. Therefore, alternatives to industrial gold mining, such as recycled post-consumer gold, are readily becoming the ethical approach to jewellery production. 

We often hear diamonds are forever, but so is gold; it does not oxidize or corrode, unlike other metals. These special characteristics allow gold to retain its value regardless of when it was mined. 


Gold holds a unique place in history, and, due to its durability, it often became a symbol of immortality and power in many ancient cultures. Yet, today, industry favours disposable, seasonal pieces with a capped life. We, however, believe jewellery should transmute the raw materials into more than an aesthetic, and into a story itself. 

By turning to recycled gold, we can ensure we are doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of gold mining and make important strides towards circularity.


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