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What Jewellery to Gift Based on the Zodiac Signs

Feature image credit: AM For Love Studio for Hello May 

When it comes to buying jewellery, it’s no easy task, especially if it’s a gift for a good friend or a loved one. Highly personal, choosing the right piece of jewellery requires a deeper connection and at least some idea of their stylistic preferences (gold or silver, classic or modern, minimal or maximal, white diamonds or colourful gemstones). Once you’ve ticked those boxes, you can start narrowing down your choices… 

Need some extra help? Why not look to the stars for some inspiration and get started with our top picks based on their zodiac sign element. Whether they’re the life of the party, the bestie that you can always count on, free-spirited and always up for an adventure or a bit of a mystery, we’ve got something for the Fire, Earth, Air and Water Signs in your life. 

If they’re a Fire Sign like an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius… 

The Fire Signs are hot, hot, hot! Passionate and exuberant, they’re the life of the party, bringing the fun and fireworks wherever they go. Known to be bold, creative and spontaneous – they dance to the beat of their own drum. 

Sun Kissed Sunstone Earrings 

Sunstone Earrings featuring a 1.63ct oval cut 6.90 x 9mm sunstones set on yellow gold

For the showstopper, our one-of-a-kind Sun Kissed Sunstone Earrings from our CHROMATICA collection are perfect for day-to-night dazzle.

Art Pop Sapphire Earrings

Art Pop Sapphire drop earrings with purple, teal, yellow and orange sapphires

What would Lady Gaga, a fellow Fire Sign/Aries wear? These bold and beautiful Art Pop Sapphire Earrings, which coincidentally share the same name as her third studio album. 

Ayla Diamond Signet

Round gold Signet Ring with eleven mixed 1.4-2.6mm round brilliant cut white diamonds

The Ayla Diamond Signet exudes power, confidence and big boss moves with its hypnotic sparkle. Featuring ​eleven mixed round brilliant cut white diamonds, it’s hard to look away. 

Vivid Diamond Necklace 

Yellow gold chain with 0.80ct trillian cut 7.13 x 6.48mm P1 colour white diamond

It’s giving quiet luxury but our Vivid Diamond Necklace is anything but quiet with its 0.80ct trillion cut white diamond taking centre stage. 

If they’re an Earth Sign like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn… 

If you need someone to count on, those born under the Earth Signs are the best friends you need. Known to be pragmatic, reliable, loyal and honest, they’re also the tastemakers of the zodiac – you name it and they’ve got the best recommendations. 

Ripple Hoops 

Solid 9 carat gold ripple curved hoop earrings

Our best-selling Ripple Hoops from our latest collection ‘Sweet Tides’ is a modern twist (literally) on a classic jewellery piece.  

Cloudbusting Diamond Bracelet

1.5ct total round brilliant cut white diamonds set on a 14ct yellow gold Italian chain

Earth Signs might be hard to impress but our Cloudbusting Diamond Bracelet will leave them spellbound. Featuring 1ct of round brilliant cut white diamonds set on a 14ct yellow gold Italian chain, it’s a glam addition for timeless style.

Valis Sapphire and Diamond Ring

White gold band featuring green sapphires, a teal sapphire and white diamonds

Sophisticated with a touch of whimsy, our Valis Sapphire and Diamond Ring is a one-off piece made for someone special. A symphony of green and teal sapphires and white diamonds – it’s an ethereal ring that shines with elegance and distinction. 

Arrow Sapphire Pendant 

Gold arrow pendant featuring a yellow sapphire set on a 9 carat gold chain

Make a statement with our Arrow Sapphire Pendant featuring an ethically-sourced yellow sapphire, set on a 9ct yellow gold triangle pendant. Traditionally, triangles represent power, purpose and strength – the perfect complement for those born under an Earth Sign. 

If they’re an Air Sign like a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius… 

Those born under the Air Sign are known to be free-spirited and ever-changing, yet full of curiosity, wit, humour and intelligence. Like a breath of fresh air, they’re always up for an adventure and the next big thing.

Daybreak Sapphire Ring

Freeform cut 2.86ct ethically sourced Australian blue/green parti sapphire on an 18 carat yellow gold band

Just like the Air Signs, our Daybreak Sapphire Ring keeps things interesting with its freeform cut 2.86ct ethically-sourced Australian blue/green parti sapphire. 

Cigar Band

18ct yellow gold band

Simple yet elegant, our 18ct yellow gold Cigar Band was made for keeps. Perfect for all of life’s adventures, it’s an effortless add-on that won’t slide off. 

Muse Diamond Earrings

Two 3mm round brilliant cut white diamonds on 9ct yellow gold earring backs

An inspiration, our Muse Diamond Earrings are a captivating pair of studs featuring two 3mm round brilliant cut white diamonds. Perfect for day-to-night dressing, it’s a classic must-have for every jewellery lover.

Sprinkle Sapphire Band 

Sprinkle sapphire ring featuring 1.6-1.8mm round brilliant cut mixed diamonds and ethically sourced sapphires

Add a touch of magic with our Sprinkle Sapphire Band, a one-off piece from our CHROMATICA collection featuring a dazzling combination of brilliant cut mixed diamonds, sapphires and tsavorite garnets.

If they’re a Water Sign like a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces…

Out of all of the signs, those born under a Water Sign are said to be the most emotionally intelligent, intuitive, sensitive and sentimental. A true romantic by nature, they fall in love easily as they lead with their heart but just don’t call them clingy!

Haze Opal and Sapphire Ring

Haze Opal and Sapphire Ring featuring a cabochon opal, blue/green sapphire and pink sapphire

Long considered a symbol of hope, purity and truth, the opal is the perfect stone for the more sensitive and sentimental souls. Our Haze Opal and Sapphire Ring is a one-off piece from our CHROMATICA collection featuring a cabochon opal and ethically-sourced sapphires. 

Helix Band 

A mix of nineteen 1.5mm round brilliant cut sapphires (blues and greens) and white diamonds on 18 carat yellow gold

Inspired by the magic and energy of ocean waves, our Helix Band is an endless flow of round brilliant cut sapphires in hues of blue and green, and white diamonds. A favourite from our ‘Sweet Tides’ collection, wear it as a standalone statement or stack for a personalised look. 

Golden Braid Hoops

Solid 9ct yellow gold handmade hoop earrings

Made from solid 9ct yellow gold, our Golden Braid Hoops are a modern classic made for everyday wear. A stylish all-rounder, it’s versatile and adds a touch of luxe to any outfit.  

Atlantis Sapphire Diamond Necklace 

9ct yellow gold featuring a teal Ceylon sapphire, ethically sourced blue Australian sapphire and white diamond

Take a deep dive into the shimmering azure depths of our Atlantis Sapphire Diamond Necklace, an alluring beauty featuring a teal Ceylon sapphire, blue Australian sapphire and white diamond.

Need a fail-safe gift idea? Check out our Zodiac Collection – a dreamy range of 9ct gold pendant necklaces featuring ethically sourced sapphires and diamonds. If your sign is out of stock, email and we’ll make it to order!

Model wearing four zodiac gold pendants around her neck

And there you have it, what jewellery to buy your lover or loved one based on their zodiac sign element. Like we said earlier, gifting jewellery is a personal experience, and sometimes quite intimate, so at least know when their birthday is! 

If you need some more tips or guidance, visit our Collingwood or Sorrento store and view our beautiful collection of fine and luxury jewellery in real life. Book a consultation here

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