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International Women's Day 2024: Interview with Davina

International Women's Day 2024: Interview with Davina

In honour of International Women’s Day, we sat down with our Co-Director, Davina, to talk about how Black Finch are investing in women in our team and accelerating progress to ensure everyone has the equal opportunity to earn, learn and lead within the business.

A wearer of many hats, Davina is also the driving force behind our design, marketing and customer experience. A creative juggernaut and endless source of inspiration, we discussed how the influence of French-American artist, Louise Bourgeois, and the advice of her mother shaped her art and outlook on life, and why everyone should do community service. 

Hey Davina, this year’s theme is Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress. How do we ‘count her in’ at Black Finch? 

Lead by example – by having an empowered and positive workplace where every individual is respected and recognised, everyone can reach their full potential. We don’t have a gender divide in the roles within the business, so spaces such as the workshop, accounting and bookkeeping, which are traditionally male, are now balanced.

How do we incorporate diversity and inclusion at Black Finch?

I believe that a business like Black Finch thrives on diversity because when you’re immersed in design culture, you need a broad range of influences to make an interesting design story – that can only come from collaborating with a very diverse team. 

How do we accelerate progress within the team?

We’re lucky because we’re growing which means that for most people who come on board, their role gets to develop organically because of the increase in demand on the team. We can afford to invest in their role and allow them to grow with the right support and resources. 

Who’s made a strong impression on you? 

The first person that comes to mind is Louise Bourgeois. She was so true to herself and became a feminist artist in a super male dominated area. She was fiercely loyal to her own creativity and had no interest in pleasing anyone through her work. Depicting motherhood and what it means to be female, her work existed entirely to express herself and her own truth, and through that affected and inspired many people. I highly recommend a visit to the Art Gallery of NSW to see her exhibition: ‘Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day?’.

Can you share the best advice you’ve been given? 

My mum made me truly believe that I could do whatever I set my heart on and there were no limitations. When it comes to my business practice, this advice served me well, as I was able to take risks and be brave. There’s only one shot – take it. Because caution kills everything and it kills inspiration. Being fearless has been over exhilarating and has paid off.

What advice would you give your younger self?

When you’re young, you waste a lot of energy thinking about who you are, how you’re perceived and about fitting in (or not), at the end, it’s a waste of time. 

If you need perspective, go do some community service. The act of giving and meeting different people with a diversity of experience will help you find your way in the world.

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