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Behind The Collection: Moving Feast

Behind The Collection: Moving Feast

Step into the enchanting world of Black Finch Jewellery's latest collection, ‘Moving Feast’, inspired by our Creative Director Davina's background in sculpture and her fascination with miniature worlds. Drawing from her studies at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and her love for painting, this collection delves into the timeless beauty of still life. 

Meticulously hand-sculpted and carved, each charm replicates the luscious fruits immortalised in classic artworks, adorned with diamonds, garnets, rubies, and sapphires to evoke the rich hues and textures of traditional still life paintings. Vibrant and striking, our charms capture the essence of oil paintings before us – from the fiery allure of the chilli, to the earthy charm of the mushroom. Complemented by charming miniature jugs, this collection merges the traditional with the contemporary, offering rare miniature art to be cherished for a lifetime.

We spoke to Davina about the inspiration behind the ‘Moving Feast’ collection, her favourite charm and why sometimes, art can become a production nightmare. 

Hey Davina, what inspired this latest collection? 

Miniatures are a little door into the uncanny, that which is familiar in form but unfamiliar in scale. It is the delicious intimacy that is formed with your own very small thing, a secret talisman, a private world. I have laboured for untold hours over dioramas that are intricately detailed out of matchsticks paint and glue and so to be able to make something in gold and precious gems elevates the exquisite magic of the miniature.

Little teleportation devices, delivering you to a very long lunch, sun drenched with ripe pomegranates and jugs of aperitif. 

How has your past experience shaped a ‘Moving Feast’?

This collection was inspired by my own history and past of creating sculpture as I majored in sculpture and installation at the Victorian College of the Arts, and have always had a fascination with miniature worlds. Combined with my passion for painting and appreciation for the beauty of still life, our latest collection explores the domestic space of jugs and fruit – rare miniature art made to be worn, appreciated and loved for a lifetime. 

What were some challenges? 

When it comes to art, it can become a production nightmare because designing a product is a completely different experience. For example, the Pomegranate Charm offers a little view of the fruit itself with a wedge cut out – it’s visual magic. Technically, the angle to set the stones is very difficult and stone setting was a huge challenge. We frequently asked ourselves, “How is this going to be done?” 

At the end of the day, it was a labour of love, not only did it take 4-5 months of development, it also took half a day or sometimes, an entire day to set the stone into the pomegranate.

But we knew that this amount of detail was essential to make it distinctly pomegranate. We also wanted to move away from the typical central hanging pendant and change the angle of the piece by moving the jump ring around for a more lyrical and gestural position on the body. 

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why? 

Despite its challenges, the pomegranate, as it really started the whole collection. I love the little crown, the peachy tones of the skin, the knock-knock sound of their woodiness contrasted by the jewelled and juicy interior. They feel inherently symbolic, whatever the meaning you wish to assign them.


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