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Black Finch Love Stories — Kavya and Robin

Who knew that a 10-minute bubble tea date would lead to forever? When Kavya and Robin met on OK Cupid, both of them were ‘done’ with dating, but the universe had better things in store… 

From future talks on their first date, to how the proposal went down and their favourite moments from their wedding day, fall in love with Kavya and Robin’s love story below. 

When and how did you meet one another?

Kavya: We met through a dating app – OKCupid. I felt like I was at the end of the road with meeting people. I had a fair go with online dating and I told myself this was going to be the last one. I'm glad I did it. I think we were meant to meet each other when we did. We both had our fair share of experiences with online dating and not meeting the right person. I think the universe finally put the two of us together and it was like magic. 

Robin: We met online. To be honest I was at the point of giving up on dating. I had had a year of disappointing dates and I'm such a hopeless romantic, each date would consist of my mind running away with itself thinking that this could be the one, only to find someone incompatible. At a fault that was only my own, when I met Kavya, I was burned out emotionally. So for our first date, at my suggestion, we got bubble tea and walked through the city. It was a ten minute date.

When did you know you had found your special person?

Kavya: Our first date! I had exams the next day and I told him I could only meet up for a short coffee date. He said okay. When we met in front of the State Library, he took me out for bubble tea (already a win!). We then walked around the city and towards the Birrarung Marr and just talked. We spoke of what we wanted from all this – mind you this would have freaked a lot of people out talking about the future on the first date but we did, and no one freaked out. That day I just knew he was something special. We both wanted the same things and were ready to share their future with someone special.

Robin: In the first ten minutes. I think we both went into it with the thought of getting it all out there at the start. We spoke of our insecurities, our shared introversion and it was the honesty right from the beginning that made my busted heart skip a beat. Within the first few weeks I was mashing our names together and dreaming of brown babies, and within a couple of months, my understanding of love was transcended by the feeling of wanting to share one's life and self with another, completely and forever more. A feeling that to my bewilderment, has only grown deeper.

How did the proposal go down?

Robin: Kavya knew it was coming. We were planning the wedding already and we had discussed rings with each other. She knew something was up as well, because I had to try to rush her before the rain hit and we missed the window – so we were awkwardly waiting for it to pass. But we followed our first date route through the city and down to the river. My sister was enlisted to help, she hid a speaker under a chair we once had a date on with some pastries, we sat there and on came our favourite song. We danced and then did the knee thing, all whilst my sister captured the moment from behind a tree. It was all meant to be cute and a surprise, but I think the greatest astonishment was the ring.

Favourite moment from your wedding?

Kavya: Hearing Robin's vows for the first time. Robin has a special way with words and I knew I was going to be in tears as soon as he started. With every word he spoke, it just resonated in my heart. I cannot describe it in any other way. Also, our little Dashi (also our ring bearer) showing up in his cute bow tie and checkered shirt was also my favourite highlight of the day.

Robin: Too many to list. The vows, hearing those sweet words from my life's love. Looking up and seeing our friends and family sharing such a special moment in our timeline. Getting those few perfect shots with the photographer and capturing the moment forever. The incredible food after such a long day. People keep asking how married life is. Other than calling Kavya my wifey, nothing has changed. I'm still hopelessly in love with her, I'm still constantly thinking about our future together and I've been calling her wifey in my head for years now anyway.

Can you share some words on your Black Finch experience?

Robin and Kavya: Everyone at Black Finch has been a joy to interact with, to work with and has been truly wonderful throughout the whole experience. They never rushed the process – they took the time to listen to what we wanted and brought it to life. We will treasure these pieces of art that have magically captured our love, forever after.

Robin and Kavya designed the two separate rings (engagement and wedding) together with our Custom Design Lead Naasicaa. Like this dazzling duo, they fit perfectly together. 

The ring details

Engagement cluster ring (top) featuring a stunning selection of Australian and Ceylon sapphires in blue and bicolours. 18ct yellow gold band set (bottom) with one 1.75mm round white diamonds, a 2mm square princess cut, a 2.3 x 4.77 white marquis diamond, a 2.8 x 4mm white half moon diamond, a 2.6mm round white diamond and a 2.7mm square princess cut diamond.

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