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Why You Should Invest in Luxury Jewellery

At Black Finch, we believe that luxury jewellery is a symbol of everlasting love, enduring legacy and otherworldly magic. And when cherished, takes on a new life of its own throughout its existence. As an artisan-driven business, we uphold values of quality, craftsmanship, unrestrained creativity and longevity when creating our pieces. Just like a painting on canvas, we liken our jewellery to wearable works of art that will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. 

Surpassing trends, luxury jewellery isn’t just beautiful to wear, it’s also an investment. And not just in a financial sense. We see our stunning pieces as armour, as well as modern heirlooms that will live multiple lives – filled with memories and stories which provide deeper meaning and connection with every wear. 

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in luxury jewellery… 

Timeless Designs

Unlike its fast fashion counterparts, luxury jewellery is classic in style and quality. It won’t break or fade after a few months, and it won’t be considered a style faux pas at the end of a season. Whether you wear it everyday or only on special occasions – classic designs will always be in vogue. 

Our jewellery is made in-house by artisan jewellers with years of accumulated knowledge and experience under their belt. Whether it’s our ready-to-ship range, everyday fine jewellery collection or custom designs, all of our pieces are made slowly, with meticulous care and hours of design expertise. Time itself is a luxury, and we believe that this process adds even more beauty to your finery as it passes through many trained hands and designers, stories and conversations. 

When you purchase Black Finch jewellery, you also receive a lifetime of service to ensure your jewels continue to dazzle with complimentary cleans and upkeep. 

Lasting Value 

Luxury products tend to appreciate in value, based on their brand heritage, condition, rarity, scarcity and desirability. When it comes to jewellery, it also comes down to the finer details, like the type of metal and uniqueness of the gemstones. 

At Black Finch, all of our jewellery is made with 100% recycled refined gold, and we only use ethically-sourced sapphires and conflict-free diamonds within our designs. The appeal of wearing rare and precious gemstones that have taken millions of years to form below the earth’s surface is uncontested. As finite resources, their value tends to remain steadfast and in tumultuous times, skyrocket, such as the soaring price of gold at the moment. Additionally, the saturation of lab-grown diamonds in the market have seen their prices plummet drastically, while the rarity of natural diamonds means their appeal will last longer than their clones.

Circular Fashion 

Did you know that luxury products are leading the whole circularity movement at the moment? It’s true. According to the AFR, the luxury resale market in 2024 is worth more than an eye-watering $50 billion, and continues to rise. With luxury products continuously in circulation, less waste is heading into landfill, and is instead being purchased and sold within trusted marketplaces. This surge in demand has even led to the success of luxury sourcing businesses, like Gab Waller, the namesake business of the world’s go to fashion hunter for rare and coveted pieces. 

However, a key issue with the high-end resale market is the problem of counterfeit goods, which is why authenticity and transparency is paramount. Our co-owner Davina believes that technological innovations such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will play a major role in luxury fashion, as they can be assigned to physical products to trace its provenance and other specific information. Not only will this prove legitimacy, it also bolsters consumer trust. 

We believe that luxury jewellery is made to last, but in saying that, understand that a piece may continue to transform in new hands. This is why we offer an heirloom service to breathe life into older pieces that may not reflect the current owner’s style. We repurpose cherished stones and recycled gold from family heirlooms to create new pieces with sentimental value, while minimising the need for new mining. As part of our custom design consultation, our artisan jewellers collaborate with you to ensure your brand new piece reflects your journey and personal tastes. To book a custom design consultation, click here.

Our Final Thoughts 

To us, the value of luxury jewellery is not just financial, it’s a combination of factors. It’s about using the finest materials, impeccable craftsmanship, an artistic vision, rarity and uniqueness, sustainability and ethics. It’s also about the experience, the stories and the provenance of your piece. And of course, it’s the magic of owning and wearing something truly special that honours the earth’s most precious materials. At Black Finch, we’re committed to creating exceptional pieces that aren’t just made for everyday wear, but will stand the test of time. 

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