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Love Stories – Caitlyn and Asanka

From friends to lovers… our newest Black Finch couple, Caitlyn and Asanka, met in the classroom as teachers at the start of 2022 and by the end of the year became inseparable. Find how their beautiful friendship blossomed into love, culminating in a heartwarming proposal in the park with our stunning Elara Ring.

When and how did you meet one another?

In 2022, we both started off as teachers at the same school. As we were both recent graduates, we looked out for each other and quickly became close friends. As time went on, we both started to catch some feelings, something we both denied was happening. As time passed, those feelings only grew stronger and stronger, but we kept reassuring ourselves that our relationship was going to be strictly professional. Eventually, as 2022 was coming to an end, the two of us confessed our feelings to one another. Fast forward a couple of years, we've gone from just two co-workers, to two people who can't wait to spend each day with one another!

Can you tell us when you knew you found your special person? 

Caitlyn: I knew that Asanka was the one for me before our relationship even began. We were best friends. Bring around him was so effortless and easy, and I always felt so appreciated and cared for in his presence. I knew going into our relationship, I would one day be lucky enough to marry him.

Asanka: It's hard to pinpoint when exactly I realised that Caitlyn was my special person. From the start of our relationship, Caitlyn has always been incredibly caring and considerate, every action she did and every word she said came from a place of love. That feeling of realising that this person was the one never hit me. Instead, it grew and grew until I said it out loud, and when I did, it felt like that feeling was always there.

How did the proposal go down?

Asanka: I planned it all – a couple of surprises that would happen one after the other! I set up a ruse where there was a 'picnic in the park' with a few of my friends at Kamesburgh Gardens. Caitlyn had no clue that anything was going to happen until I mentioned the fact that we would need to take a picnic blanket with us. For some reason, that simple sentence clued her in to the fact that I was going to propose. Despite that, Caitlyn played along, and I am so grateful that she did. I had an inkling that she knew as well, but there was no turning back now. We went to the park, and conveniently there was nobody there, just us and that intimate moment. I read a letter that I wrote for her, and popped the question (spoiler: she said yes!). We spent the next half hour talking about the exciting moment, confessing all the plans that went into this proposal, and how Caitlyn had a feeling it was happening today of all days! Luckily for me, I still had one more surprise up my sleeve. We also had a friend's 'party' that day, and we couldn't wait to 'surprise our friends with the big news.' Little did Caitlyn know, her whole family and our closest friends were all waiting to surprise us and celebrate this special day. As we opened the doors, Caitlyn was overwhelmed with joy at the sight of everyone that we loved waiting to see her. We had an amazing night!

What are your wedding plans? 

We've locked in a date in 2026 and we'll be celebrating at the Werribee Mansion! Right now, we're locking in all the vendors for the special day. 

Can you share some words on your Black Finch experience?

Working with Black Finch was as easy as you could ask it to be. The entire team were so friendly and helpful. The ring itself, the Elara Sapphire and Diamond ring, is absolutely stunning and we catch ourselves admiring it every day.

Our Elara Ring is a made-to-order piece featuring a collection of Australian/Ceylon sapphires and diamonds. 

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