Sustainability and Ethics

Our studio is committed to sustainable jewellery practices and sourcing ethically produced stones and materials.

Blackfinch supports the highest standard of production when it comes to diamonds and precious gems.

We work with Australian Sapphires and certified Australian white and coloured diamonds from the Argyle mine that are subject to 'The Kimberley Process' an internationally recognised system:

'The Kimberley Process (KP) unites administrations, civil societies, and industry in reducing the flow of conflict diamonds - ‘rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments’ - around the world.'

Please see for more information.
The majority of our diamonds are reclaimed which is the most sustainable method of procurement.

We can also incorporate existing materials from jewellery supplied by our customers where appropriate minimising environmental impact

All materials are recycled or scrapped responsibly.

All casting is done within Melbourne and stone setting is done in-house in Northcote.

The studio is powered by renewable energy.