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Black and white photograph featuring Dali inspired jewels on a woman's face
Precious jewellery by Salvador Dali
The surrealist Salvador Dali, famous for all those drooping clocks and dreamy landscapes was later rejected as a sell-out by the art world but he did bring something new to the fine jewellery landscape. Even though we now consider his excessive luxury and bottomless desire to monetise his creativity, his aesthetic has informed much creative exploration.
Not exactly sapphire and diamond engagement rings but surrealist hallucinations in fine materials.
We embrace the idea of playfulness and colour with very fine materials. Like a cool zephyr blowing into what can be a stultified and uptight industry, we use rare and precious materials with joyful freedom and irreverence.
At the time of creating the below works we had no intention of referencing Dali, but who knows from what part of the subconscious inspiration is drawn.
Shop the colour here  Cluster sapphire engagement ringdiamond engagement ring
Gold heart pendant with diamond
sapphire engagement ring and ruby engagement ring
sapphire eye earrings in 9ct yellow gold
Sapphire wedding ring signet ring blue sapphires

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