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Black Finch Love Stories — Nicole & Jeremy

Black Finch Love Stories — Nicole & Jeremy

Nicole & Jeremy's Love Story ❤️ 

Nicole and Jeremy are the stars of this month's Black Finch Love Story, graciously giving a glimpse into their one-of-a-kind romance, including the moment they discovered each other was their soulmate.    

How did your love story start?

"Well we first were introduced at a party where we spoke for ages and afterwards Jeremy asked if we could go for a coffee where Nicole politely declined to focus on her studies. A year went past and Jeremy, looking very handsome, came into IGA where Nicole was working at the time and again we spoke for ages and afterwards Nicole asked if the coffee was still on offer and the rest is history."

When did you know you had found your special person?


"It was a collection of things that made me feel like the luckiest person that I’d found this handsome man. It’s the love he has for the outdoors including camping, hiking and waterskiing. It’s the love he has for being active but also just relaxing and enjoying a snuggle on the couch and eating some cheese. But most of all it’s how generous, caring, supportive and goofy he is and how every day he makes me so happy and feel loved."


"When being in her presence felt like home. I didn’t feel like I had to hide anything or act differently to impress her, I was completely able to be my silly self and she embraced and encouraged me to just be me. The smile she puts on my face daily, she lifts me up when I’m feeling down and her angelic smile all reinforce that I’m honestly the luckiest guy in the world to call her mine."

How did the proposal go down?

"We were doing our typical thing of going on a longer hike on a relaxing holiday. We had hiked down to wineglass bay beach in Tasmania and had made our way across to hazards beach (or a nicer name of promise bay) where we were enjoying the views and Jeremy was being a little bit weird and kept saying this is going to be the best holiday yet. We had taken a couple of shots of ourselves using self timer. Then as we were taking one more photo, Jeremy got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to be his forever and of course I said 1000Xs yes!"

Memorable or favourite date?


"Our second date was a goody as we went for burgers and he saw the true me come out as you can’t eat a burger cleanly and I had sauce dribbling down my arms. It obviously didn’t turn him off though as he suggested we go for ice creams for dessert and he stuck with me and my messy eating antics almost 8 years later."


"I think every date we’ve been on has been just as incredible as the one before it. I get to spend time with the person who makes me the happiest in the world whether it’s on a hike, out for dinner or just at home having a date night on the couch with a movie and pop corn."

Can you share some words on your Black Finch experience?

"My experience with Black Finch was honestly a breeze. Emma walked me through everything from stone and band selection, to colour and design of the ring. It didn’t feel like I was being pushed, every decision was made by me and professional advice was given whenever needed. Knowing it was for something special they worked with me to make sure it was everything I wanted, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined."

The ring in the image above is Nicole's stunning custom sapphire and diamond ring designed by Black Finch Jewellery.

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