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May's Birthstone — The Emerald

May's Birthstone — The Emerald

All about Emerald – May's Magical Gemstone

Nature's green wonder and the birthstone of May. A luscious garden of mineral greens known also for their mystic powers including warding off evil - let's embrace the captivating world of emeralds

Emeralds have been mined for aeons, Cleopatra an early fan! 

The most distinctive feature of emeralds lies in their inclusions — the internal markings that delineate their character. The most defining characteristic of emeralds are its inclusions, the inclusions found in Emerald are given their own name a Jardin which is French for garden. This term is particularly apt when you think of the different minerals that can “grow” inside the emerald’s garden bed. These inclusions often include minerals like pyrite, mica, and tourmaline, as well as fissures and cracks and are often region-specific.

The most valuable stones are a deep blue green with maximum clarity but are rare and extremely pricey.

A brittle stone, they need care and attention to make it to heirloom status, so if you are an emerald owner, be kind to your green treasure:)


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