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June's Birthstone — The Pearl

June's Birthstone — The Pearl

🤍 June's Birthstone — The Pearl  🤍

As we reach the midpoint of June, it's time to celebrate one of June’s captivating birthstones that has been cherished for centuries – pearls. Delicately chic and steeped in cultural history, these gems are truly a captivating to behold. 

Throughout history, pearls have always been held in high esteem. In ancient times, they were thought to be tears fallen from the moon, transformed into celestial treasures, while in recent times, they became known as symbols of wealth and status.

What sets pearls apart from other gemstones is their unique creation process. Rather than being formed deep within the earth, pearls are created by living creatures. They are the result of a natural defence mechanism that oysters produce when a foreign object enters their shells.

The most captivating pearls are those that are big, round, and have a brilliant iridescence. Symbolically, pearls represent purity and innocence, making them a popular choice for special occasions and weddings. Some even believe that they bring good luck and prosperity to their wearers. 

However, due to their delicate nature, pearls require special care to maintain their beauty. Keep them far away from harsh chemicals and properly store them to ensure they remain unblemished.

For all you June babies out there, pearls are a seriously stylish and elegant addition to your wardrobe...It's no wonder they've been treasured throughout history for their unbeatable beauty!

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