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Love Stories — Jess & James

Love Stories — Jess & James

Jess & James' Love Story  ❤️

This month's Black Finch Love Story features Jess and James. These two have kindly shared a peek into their unique love story, including how and when they realised they had found the one...

How did your love story start? 

"We met at work during a particularly stressful time for us both, and found that we were each other’s calming port amidst a pretty chaotic period in our lives. We both felt completely safe with each other instantly, as if we had found “home”"

How and when did you know you had found the one? 


"There wasn’t an immediate moment where it all clicked into place. The more time we spent getting to know each other the harder it was to spend time apart. James getting Covid and me not being able to see [him] for the week while he was isolating was the moment I realised how much I loved having him in my life so after a very dramatic reunion post isolation we have been pretty inseparable ever since."


"Standing in the wings watching Jess sing in front of a thousand people, but then sneaking out for ice cream and pizza at home in bed by ourselves. I love that Jess can be an amazing consummate musical theatre performer but then also loves nesting and being snuggly at home watching movies."

Memorable or favourite date?


"We went for ice cream and a walk around Sydney harbour after work one day just chatting and getting to know each other and I could feel that neither of us wanted it to end. It was the first time I let my guard down around James and where we formed our first little in joke and nicknames for each other."


"Our first road trip together from Sydney to Brisbane. It was the first time we’d been alone together away from work and we just ate, drank and slept our way up the coast laughing like little kids all the way. Jess’ biggest secret is although she seems very conscientious and professional she’s actually just as silly as I am."

Can you share some words on your Black Finch experience?

"They were absolutely incredible helping us in finding our perfect match. We fell in love with a ring in the window and the team helped us curate a ring for James to pair with it. Such a thoughtful and caring team who took such good care of us."

The ring above is Jess' stunning Twilight Forever Sapphire Ring designed by Black Finch Jewellery.

The signet ring above is James' beautiful Black Finch Custom signet ring made with stones that perfectly match Jess' spectacular engagement ring.

Congratulations Jess and James, it was such a pleasure creating Jess' amazing engagement ring and James' beautiful matching signet ring. We wish you the best always.

Love Davina, Raymond and the Black Finch team.


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