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  • Champagne Diamond Pendant | Aries Zodiac Pendant
  • Champagne Diamond Pendant | Aries Zodiac Pendant
  • Champagne Diamond Pendant | Aries Zodiac Pendant

Star Sign Pendant — Aries

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March 21 — April 19th
The rams of the zodiac, Aries like to move forward and make the most of every opportunity. They dive headfirst into the most difficult situations and have a clear dislike for the words "no" and "can't." They are astonishingly daring and ambitious people.

  • 2 x round brilliant cut 1.5mm F/G P1 colour white diamonds
  • 1 x round brilliant cut 1.5mm C2 colour champagne diamond
  • 9ct yellow gold solid pendant
  • 9ct yellow gold chain 40 - 45cm extendable chain

This pendant features diamonds, the Aires birthstone, with both white and champagne diamonds present.


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  • 100% recycled refined gold
  • Made in Melbourne
  • Free worldwide insured shipping
  • Conflict free diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires

Learn more about 100% recycled refined gold

Gold is one of the earth's most transmutable and indestructible materials. We have teamed up with a Melbourne based refinery Siltech to supply us with 100% recycled gold. That means that your jewels are sourced from 100% post-consumer gold in a supply chain where everyone receives a fair wage.

We then provide these materials to our casting house where they add alloys to create the final product; gorgeous 18ct yellow, rose and white gold, 9ct yellow, rose and white gold and all the delicious rainbow of golds available! And if that isn't enough these folks recycle X-rays, taking the silver from the celluloid to produce silver for casting jewellery whaaaaat! I know…

Learn more about ethically Australian sourced sapphires

We specialise in ethically and sustainably sourced Australian sapphires. We have visited the mine sites to verify the working conditions and witness the minimal impact extraction has on the environment. This allows us to have unprecedented supply-chain transparency. Australia is home to independent, small, family-run operations, often with just a single person working the leasehold on the minefield. Sapphire mines are very shallow, having a far lower impact on the land, than large open-cut or incredibly deep mines. Rainfall is required to work a sapphire mine. This means that mining practices are dictated by seasonal and cyclical climate changes.

The selection of sapphires offers a magical array of colours from brilliant green, deep blue, orange and lilac as well as the famous Australian parti-sapphire. At Black Finch, we love coloured jewels; rare colour-change stones, bi-colour stones and unusual cuts and we can't wait to share them with you.

We also stock some beautiful Ceylon sapphires that we've sourced from a small family-run mine based in Sri Lanka (home of the Ceylon sapphire). This mine has been in the same family for generations. It is the source of some of the fabulous coloured jewels in our collection which are unique to the region

Learn more about conflict free diamonds

All diamonds supplied by Black Finch are conflict-free. The majority of coloured diamonds originate in Australia, from Australian material, mined with Australian ethical standards. These beautiful stones are rare and grow rarer everyday….

Australia's biggest diamond mine and the worlds largest diamond deposit is the Argyle mine in the Kimberly region of Australia. Famous for its pink diamonds and lovely champagne coloured stones, a favourite of Black Finch designs. The mine is due to close soon pushing the value of these diamonds up further. A second mine, the Ellendale mine in Western Australia has produced some beautiful yellow diamonds. The majority of the worlds' Champagne' colour diamonds originate from Australia. We can supply certified pink, champagne, and cognac Argyle diamonds. These certified diamonds are a limited precious commodity, and you should expect to pay a premium for this sound investment.

All diamonds being sold in Australia, including those sourced from Australia and mines from other countries, are subject to the “Kimberley Process (KP)". This is an internationally recognised system that allows global trading and reduces the flow of rough diamonds (conflict diamonds) ‘which are used to finance wars against governments' - around the world. For more information, please visit

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